乘客重要提示:请认真阅读以下航行合约条款。在法律允许的最大范围内,该合约?#38405;?#30340;预订、航行 和您与承运人之间的所有其它交易均适用,并影响到您的法律权利并?#38405;?#20855;有约束力。
You and Your traveling companions are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of this Passage Contract which shall govern all dealings between You and Carrier. Upon receipt of a deposit (or, where appropriate the full fare), Carrier accepts the Passenger(s) named on the booking confirmation for the Cruise subject to the terms of this Booking and Passage Contract (“Passage Contract”). This Passage Contract constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between You and Carrier and supersedes any prior oral, implied, written or other representations or agreements relating to the subject matter of this Agreement or the Cruise or the Cruise tour.
您和您的旅伴均视为已阅读、理解并?#37038;?#20197;下本航行合约的条款和条件,本航行合约?#38405;?#19982;承运人之 间的所有交易均适用。在收到定金(或在适当情况下,收到全票价)后在遵守本预订和航行合约(以 ?#24405;?#31216;为“航行合约?#20445;?#26465;款之前提下,承运人?#37038;?#35813;邮轮预订确认中登记的乘客。本航行合约构成您 与承运人之间的完整理解和协议,并取代之前与本合约标的、邮轮或邮轮旅行有关的、所有口头的、 暗示的、书面的或其它?#38382;?#30340;陈述或协议。
Purchase or use of this Passage Contract, whether or not signed by the Passenger, shall constitute the entire agreement by Passenger, on behalf of himself and all other persons named on the booking confirmation accompanying this Passage Contract (including any accompanying minors or other persons for whom the booking was made/purchased.) This Passage Contract governs the relationship between You and Carrier, whether the Cruise is purchased by You or on Your behalf, and can only be modified in writing and signed by Carrier. You may not sell, assign or transfer Your booking and no person other than those named on the booking confirmation may board the Vessel. Any portion or provision of this Passage Contract which is invalid, illegal or unenforceable shall be ineffective only to the extent of such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability and shall be severed from this Passage Contract without affecting in any way the remaining provisions of the Passage Contract which shall remain in full force and effect. This Passage Contract is drawn up in both Chinese and English language. In the event of any discrepancy or conflict between the English language text and the Chinese text, the English language text shall govern and prevail.
无论乘客是否?#20122;?#21517;,?#21592;?#33322;行合约的购买或使用应构成乘客代表其?#32422;?#20197;及本航行合约随附的预订 确认中所列出的所有其他人(包括任何同行的未成年人、或使用/购买本航行合约的其他人员)给予的 全?#23458;?#24847;。无论邮轮船票是由您?#25925;?#30001;他人代您购买,本航行合约?#38405;?#19982;承运人之间的关系均适用, 并且仅能通过书面方式经承运人签署书面协议后修改,且本航行合约仅能以书面方式修改并由承运人 签字。您不得出售、转让或转移您的预订,并且除了预订确认中所列人员以外,任何其他人均不得登 船。如果本航行合约的任何部分内容或规定无效、不合法或不可执行,则该无效、不合法或不可执行 的内容或条款应视为从本合约中分离,且不以任何方式影响本航行合?#35745;?#23427;规定的?#34892;?#24615;、合法性和 可执行性,且本航行合约的其它规定仍然?#34892;А?#26412;航行合约以中文和英文书写, 如中英文由任何不一致 或冲突,均?#21592;?#33322;行合约的英文版本为准。
For the purposes of the defenses, limitations of liability and rights of the Carrier set forth in this Passage Contract only, unless otherwise noted below, “Carrier” as defined here shall include the Vessel’s Operator, the Vessel named on the booking confirmation (or any substituted ship), the Vessel’s owners, managers, charterers, and agents, any affiliated or related companies thereof and their officers, crew, pilots, agents or employees.
除非下文另行注明,否则仅为便于本航行合约所规定的承运人?#30446;?#36777;、责任限制和权利,本合约所定 义的“承运人”应包括船只的运营商、预订确认中所注明的船只(或任何替代船只)、船只的所有者、 管理人、船舶租赁人和代理机构、前述各机构或个人的任何关联公司以及这些关联公司的管理人员、 船员、驾驶员、代理人或雇员。
“You,” “Your” and/or “Passenger” mean the person(s) booking or purchasing the Cruise or named on the booking confirmation and person(s) in Your care, including any minor, heir and personal representative.
?#28595;薄ⅰ澳?#30340;”和/或“乘客”系指预订或购买邮轮船票的人或预订确认中所列之人,以及由您看护的人, 包括任何未成年人、继承人和个人代表。
“Charterer” means the person(s) or entity(ies) that arranged Your Cruise with Carrier and chartered the ship.
“Cruise” and/or “Cruise Tour” means the scheduled voyage as published in the booking confirmation issued in connection with this Passage Contract, as may be amended pursuant to this Passage Contract, from the port of embarkation to the port of disembarkation, and also includes any air, rail, road or sea transport and any land accommodation components of any cruise tour package sold, taken with or included in the price of the Cruise, and any third party provided activities, shore excursions, tours or shore side facilities related to or offered during the Cruise.
“邮轮”和/或“邮轮旅行”系指根据本航行合约发出的预订确认中所公布的、从登船港到离船港的预定航 程(可依据本航行合约进行修改),并且亦包括邮轮价格中所出售的、附带的或包含的任何邮轮旅行 套餐中的任何空运、铁路运输、公路运输或海运和任何陆上住宿部分,以及与邮轮旅行有关的或在邮 轮旅行期间提供的任何由第三方提供的活动、靠?#38431;?#35272;、观光或岸上设施。
“Cruise Fare” means the total amount paid for Your Cruise. The Cruise Fare includes the Cruise, scheduled meals and accommodations while on board, air programs and/or other travel components that Carrier may add to Your Cruise Fare and charge to Your stateroom account and/or credit card. The Cruise Fare excludes beer, wine, spirits, sodas or other bottled beverages, gratuities, hotel service charge(s), charges for other incidental items, activities, shore excursions, transportation or personal services during or in connection with the Cruise; or any, airline or other carriers’ services or baggage fees, for which a separate charge may be imposed.
“邮轮票价”系指为您的邮轮旅行支付的总金额。邮轮票价的内容包括邮轮旅行、船上?#25165;?#30340;食宿、航 空项目、和/或承运人可能添加到您的邮轮票价中并通过您的客舱账户和/或信用卡收取费用的旅行内 容。邮轮票价不包括以下内容的价格:啤?#21860;?#33889;萄?#21860;?#28872;?#21860;?#30899;酸饮料或其他瓶装饮料、小?#36873;?#26053;馆 服务?#36873;?#37038;轮旅行期间的或与邮轮旅行期间有关的其它个人项目、活动、岸上观光、运输或个人服务 的收费;或可能单独收取的航空公司或其它承运方的服务或行李费用。
“Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses” may include any and all fees, charges, tolls and taxes imposed on us by domestic and/or foreign governmental or quasi-governmental authorities as well as third party fees and charges arising from a vessels’ presence in a harbor or port. Taxes and Fees may include i Customs fees, tolls, port fees, head taxes, port fees, dockage fees, wharfage fees, inspection fees, pilotage, air taxes, hotel or VAT incurred as part of a land tour, immigration and naturalization fees, and Internal Revenue Service fees. Port Expenses include fees paid to third parties associated with navigation, berthing, stevedoring, baggage handling/storage, and security services. Taxes, Fees, and Port Expenses may be assessed per passenger, per berth, per ton or per vessel. Assessments calculated on a per ton or per vessel basis will be spread over the number of passengers on the Vessel. Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses are subject to change and Carrier reserves the right to collect any increases in effect at the time of sailing even if the fare has already been paid in full.
“税、费和港口?#36873;?#21487;能包括由本国和/或外国政府或准政府部门向我们收取的任何和所有费用、收?#36873;?通行费和税费,以及第三方因船只进入港口或码?#33539;?#25910;取的费用。税和费包括报关?#36873;?#36890;行?#36873;?#28207;口 ?#36873;?#20154;头税、码头?#36873;?#26816;验?#36873;?#24341;航?#36873;?#26426;场税、岸上旅行所产生的酒店费用或增值税、移民和归化 部门的收费以及美国国内收入署的收?#36873;?#28207;口费包括因导航、泊船、码头卸装、行李处理/储藏和安全 服务而向第三方支付的费用。税、费和港口费可能按照每名乘客、每个铺位、每吨或每艘船只收取。 如果按照每吨或每艘船只收取,则该费?#23186;?#25353;照船只的实际客运量进行分摊。税、费和港口费可能会 发生变化,且即使乘客已全额支付票价,承运人仍有权收取在航行中生效的任何增加费用。
“Vessel” shall mean the ship owned or operated or chartered in the performance of the Cruise.
(A) Before You board the ship, You must:
  • Pay Your Cruise Fare.
  • 支付您的邮轮票价。
  • Familiarize Yourself with the terms of the Passage Contract.
  • 熟悉本航行合约的条款。
  • Bring all necessary travel documents such as passports, visas, proof of citizenship, re-entry permits, minor’s permissions, medical certificates showing all necessary vaccinations, and all other documents necessary for ports of call in the countries to which You will travel.
  • 携带所有必要的旅行证件,如护照、签证、公民身份证明、再次入境证、未成年人许可、健康 证明(显示已进行所有必要的预防接种)?#32422;澳?#23558;经过的沿途停靠港口所需的所有其它文件。
  • It is Your sole responsibility to obtain and have available when necessary the appropriate valid travel documents. All Passengers are advised to check with the Charterer or the appropriate government authority to determine the necessary documents. You will be refused boarding or disembarked without liability for refund, payment, compensation, or credit of any kind if You do not have proper documentation, and You will be subject to any fine or other costs incurred by Carrier which result from improper documentation or noncompliance with applicable regulations, which amount may be charged to Your stateroom account and/or credit card.
  • 您应全权负责获得并在必要情况下提供适当的?#34892;?#26053;行文件。建议所有乘客与租船人或适当的 政府部门核实,?#33539;?#25152;需的必要文件。如果您未携带适当的文件,将会被拒绝登船或上岸且承 运人不承担责任,?#22839;?#26080;权获得任何类型的退款、付款、赔偿或抵用积分,并且如果由于您的 证明文件不当或?#29615;?#21512;适用规定导致承运人被收取任何罚金或其它费用,则您将负责支付该等 费用,通过您的客舱账户和/或信用卡收取。
  • Arrive at least two hours before the scheduled or amended sailing time and have with You all required documentation. Attach a completed luggage tag to each piece of baggage.
  • 您必须至少在预定的或修改的航行时间之前两小时抵达,并携带所有必要的证件。并在每件行 李上附上一个完整的行李标签。
  • Be sure that You and any person in Your care are fit to take the Cruise as fully explained in Section 3 below.
  • 确保您?#32422;澳?#30475;护的所有人的健康状况均适合进行邮轮旅行(详细解释请见以下第三条)。
(B) Before or upon boarding the ship, You must register a valid credit card or other acceptable payment method to cover any charges to Your stateroom account.
登船前或登船后,您必须登记一个?#34892;?#30340;信用卡或其他可?#37038;?#30340;付款方式,以用于交纳在您的客舱账 户下产生的任何费用。
(C) Prior to disembarking the ship, You must pay in full all amounts charged to Your stateroom account.
Carrier shall not be liable for refund, payment, compensation or credit of any kind, nor damages resulting from Your failure to comply with any of the requirements set forth above.
You agree that You or any person booking on Your behalf must inform Charterer at the time You contact Charterer to book Your Cruise, of any special need or other condition for which You or any other person in Your care may require any special or extra accommodation or medical attention during the Cruise, or for which the use of a wheelchair or service animal is contemplated or necessary. If any such special need or condition arises after Your Cruise has been booked, You must report it in writing to Carrier as soon as You become aware of it. Failure to report any such condition will release Carrier, the shipboard doctor and all other personnel from any liability related to the accommodation or treatment of such condition or for any other conduct whatsoever in connection therewith. Passengers acknowledge and understand that certain international, foreign or local safety requirements, standards, and/or applicable regulations involving design, construction or operation of the vessel, docks, gangways, anchorages or other facilities on or off the vessel may restrict access to facilities or activities for persons with mobility, communication or other impairments or special needs. Passengers requiring the use of a wheelchair must provide their own standard size wheelchair(s) as Carrier’s wheelchairs carried on board the vessel are for emergency medical use only. You acknowledge and agree Carrier may disembark or refuse to embark You or anyone under Your care as set forth in Section 11 below.
您同意,您或代您进行预订的任何人均必须在您联系租船人预订您的邮轮旅行时,以书面方式将在邮 轮旅行期间您或您看护的任何其他人可能需要任何特殊或额外食宿或医疗护理的、或预计或可能需要 使用轮椅或服务类动物的任何特殊需要或其它情况告知租船人。如果在您的邮轮旅行已经被预订后发 生任何该等特别需要或情况,您必须在知晓后立即以书面方?#22870;?#21578;给承运人。若您未报告该等情况, 则承运人、随船医生和所有其他人员将免于承担与?#20204;?#20917;的处理、或与之相关的任何其它行为有关的 任何责任。乘客承认并理解一些涉及船只、码头、通道、停泊处或其它船上或岸上其它设施的设计、 建造或运行的?#25215;?#22269;际、国外或本地安全要求、标准和/或适用规定可能限制有移动、沟通或其他障碍 或特殊需要的人员使用一些设施或参加一些活动。要求使用轮椅的乘客必须提供?#32422;?#30340;标准轮椅,承 运人在船只上配备的轮椅仅用于紧急医疗用途。您承认并同意,承运人可依据以下第十一条的规定, 要求您或您看护的人员上岸、或拒绝您或您看护的人员上船。
The minimum Passenger age to travel is 12 months for all itineraries except for Alaska, , Canada & New England, Caribbean, Mexico, China, Europe (excluding Transatlantic), Japan (roundtrip) and Panama canal itineraries where the minimum age to travel is 6 months. Carrier is unable to accept a booking or subsequently carry a Passenger who is below the minimum age or who will enter the 24th week of pregnancy by the last day of the Cruise. Carrier reserves the right to refuse passage to any Passenger who is below the minimum age, or who appears to be in an advanced state of pregnancy and Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of either such refusal and/or carriage of any such Passenger.
乘坐始发阿拉斯加、加拿大和新英格兰、加勒比海、墨西哥、中国、欧洲(横渡大西洋航线除外)、 日本(往返航线)和巴拿马运河航线旅行的乘客最低年龄是 6 个月,所有其它航线是 12 个月。亚洲 (不包括?#24405;?#22369;/日本)、东方和非洲、澳大利亚和新西兰、夏威夷、南美、南太平洋以及横渡大西洋 和横?#21830;?#24179;洋航线的乘客最低年龄要求是 12 个月。对于未达到最低年龄要求的人员、或在邮轮旅行的 最后一天孕期达 24 周的孕妇,承运人不能?#37038;?#20854;预订或对其进行承运。承运人有权拒绝未达到最低年 龄限制要求的任何乘客、或看似处于妊娠晚期状态的孕妇上船,且承运人对于拒绝该乘客上船和/或对 该乘客承运不承担任何责任。
Passengers under the age of 20 years must travel with a Passenger 20 years or older who shall assume responsibility for their care during the cruise. For groups and families booking multiple staterooms, the minimum age for at least one person in each stateroom is 16 years of age provided they are traveling with a parent or legal guardian. Carrier is unable to accept group reservations for student or youth groups that do not conform to minimum age requirements. Each passenger agrees and warrants that he/she will supervise any passenger in his/her care at all times to ensure all policies, along with all other rules of the Carrier and the ship, are strictly adhered to by all Passengers under their supervision.
年龄在 20 岁以下的乘客必须与一名年龄在 20 岁或以上的乘客同行,由该年长的乘客在邮轮旅行期间 负责对其进行看护。对于预约多个客舱的团组?#22270;?#24237;,每个客舱中至少有一名年龄不低于 16 岁的乘客, 并且前提是其随父母或法定监护人同行。承运人不?#37038;懿环?#21512;最低年龄要求的学生或少年团体的集体 预订。每一名乘客均同意并保证,其将始终监护其所看护的任何乘客,以确保其所监护的所有乘客均 严格遵守承运人和船只的所有政策和所有其它规定。
For cruises on Sun, Sea & Dawn Princess sailing from Australian ports, Sapphire Princess from Taiwan, Majestic Princess from China and for Caribbean Princess sailing roundtrip from Southampton, the minimum drinking and gambling age is 18 years old. For cruises on Diamond and Sun Princess sailing between Japanese ports, it will be 20 years old. No Passenger under the age of 18 shall be permitted to purchase cigarettes or tobacco products. Indoor areas onboard the vessels are non-smoking and smoking is only permitted in designated sections. Outdoor smoking areas are clearly posted throughout the vessel. Smoking is prohibited in Passenger staterooms and balconies. Violations to the onboard smoking policy will result in a US$250 fine for each occurrence, which will be charged to Your stateroom account. Repeated violations may result in You being disembarked prior to the end of the Cruise without any refund. The use of electronic cigarettes is allowed within the confines of the passenger's stateroom (balcony not included) and within designated smoking areas only.
对于从澳大利亚港口出发的 Sun, Sea 以及 Dawn Princess 号,从台湾出发的 Sapphire Princess 号,从中 国出发的 Majestic Princess 号以及往?#30340;?#23433;普顿的 Caribbean Princess 号,进行赌博和饮酒活动乘客的最 低年龄限制为 18 岁。18 岁以下的乘客均不得购买香烟或烟草制品。船上?#22839;?#21306;域为无烟区,仅可在 指定区域抽烟。船上的室外吸烟区域将明确标识。禁止在客舱和阳台吸烟。违反船上吸烟规定的,将 处?#24742;?#27425; 250 美元的罚金,并记入您的客舱账户。若多次违反本规定,则承运人有权在邮轮旅行结束 前要求您上岸,且不予任何退款。在餐厅或剧院中均不得使用电子香烟。电子香烟仅允许在乘客的客 舱内(不包括阳台)以及指定吸烟点使用。
You agree not to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind on board for consumption except one bottle of wine or champagne per person of drinking age (no larger than 750 ml) per voyage only in Your carry-on luggage. A corkage fee of US$15.00 per bottle (which is subject to change without notice) will be applied to wine and champagne brought aboard by You and consumed in the ship’s public areas. Any wine(s) or champagne(s) supplied by the Carrier to You as a gift are not subject to a corkage fee. At embarkation, all luggage will be scanned for suspected alcohol in excess of the one bottle policy as provided herein. Your luggage will undergo a secondary inspection by a security team operating under CCTV (closed circuit surveillance) or in the event Your luggage is locked, You will be notified and are required to attend the secondary inspection where any alcoholic beverages of any kind found in violation of the one bottle policy will be removed and discarded. Carrier shall not be responsible for any loss, cost, disappointment or damage of any kind as a result of any alcoholic beverages removed in violation of the one bottle policy. You agree to surrender alcoholic beverages that are purchased duty free from the ship’s gift shop, or at ports of call. Such beverages shall be surrendered to Carrier and will be delivered to Your stateroom on the last night of the voyage.
您同意,不携带任何类型的酒精饮料上船,但符合饮酒年龄要求的乘客,每人可在每次航程的随身携 带行李中,携带一瓶葡萄酒或香槟(不超过 750 毫升)。您带上船并在船只公共区域饮用的每瓶葡萄 酒和香槟,将收取开瓶费 15 美元(该费用若有变更,恕不另行通知)。由承运人赠送给您的葡萄酒或 香槟不收取开瓶?#36873;?#30331;船时,将?#36816;行?#26446;进行扫描,?#32422;?#26597;是否有超出本规定的酒类。安保人员将 运用闭路电视摄像机(闭路监控)?#38405;?#30340;行李进行辅助检查,或如果您的行李已锁,我方亦将通知您 进行辅助检查,若发现违反上述规定的任何类型的酒精饮料,将拿出并丢弃。若由于乘客违反本政策 所导致的任何酒精饮料被丢弃,承运人不对任何有关的损失、费用、失望或损害负责。您同意将从船 上礼品店或沿途停靠的港口购买的免税酒精饮料交由承运人保管。该等饮料应上交给承运人,并将在 航程的最后一晚送到您的客舱。
You further agree to abide by all age, gender or other eligibility requirements applicable to any other activities, services or facilities available during the Cruise, including but not limited to those associated with use of any spa facilities, and to ensure that You supervise the use of any such facilities by any minor in Your care. There may be age restrictions applicable to activities on the ship and ashore, which are established for the safety and well-being of all participants. Carrier and all independent contractors, as the case may be, reserve the right to revise eligibility requirements for activities during the cruise or ashore for safety or other lawful reasons from time to time, and with which each Passenger agrees to comply.
您进一步同意,遵守适用于在邮轮旅行期间提供的任何其它活动、服务或设施的所?#24515;?#40836;、?#21592;?#25110;其 它资格要求,包括但不限于与任何温泉?#34892;?#35774;施的使用有关的要求,并确保监督您所看护的任何未成 年人对任何该等设施的使用。可能还有出于所有乘客的安全和健康而制订的、适用于船上和岸上活动 的年龄限制。承运人和所有独立承包商(视情况而定)均有权出于安全原因或其它合法理由,不时修 订邮轮旅行或岸上活动期间的资格要求,并且所有乘客均同意遵守该等要求。
You shall be responsible for complying with the requirements of all immigration, port, health, customs, and police authorities, and all other laws and regulations of each country or state from or to which You will travel, as well as the requirements as set forth in this Passage Contract. You must at all times obey all the rules, regulations and orders of the ship, Carrier and the Captain. You shall conduct Yourself in a proper manner and with due regard to the health, safety, comfort, enjoyment of all persons at all times. You shall not solicit other Passengers for commercial purposes or advertise goods or services on board the ship without Carrier's prior written permission. You may be disembarked without Carrier’s liability for refund, payment, compensation or credit of any kind if You or any Passenger for whom You are responsible violate any of these requirements, and agree to assume and/or reimburse Carrier for any expenses or fines that may be incurred as a result of such noncompliance on demand.
您应负责遵守移民、港口、健康、海关和警察?#20154;?#26377;部门的要求,和您将旅行出发或到达的各个国家 或州的所有其它法律法规以及本航行合约中所规定的要求。您必须始终遵守船只、承运人和船长的所 有规定和命令。您必须以适当的方式行事,并始终尊重所有人的健康、安全、舒适和享受。未经承运 人事先书面许可,您不得出于商业目的招揽其它乘客、或在船上进行商品或服务的宣传。如果您或您 所负责的任何乘客违反本规定,则承运人可要求您上岸,且承运人没有责任给于任何退款、付款、赔 偿或抵用积分,并?#22839;?#25110;您所负责的任何乘客同意,将承担和 的任何费用或罚金。
Unauthorized stopover or disembarkation or failure to make any sailing of the ship at any port shall be at Your sole risk and expense. You may be denied subsequent boarding, and You will not be entitled to any refund, payment, compensation or credit of any kind.
未经授权的停留或下船或未在任何港口进行任何船只航行的风险和费用应由您自行承担。在此情况下, 您可能被拒绝随后登船,并且无权获得任何类型的任何退款、付款、赔偿或抵用积分。
Due to the nature of travel by sea and the ports visited, the availability of medical care may be limited, delayed or unavailable and emergency medical evacuation may not be possible from every location to which the ship sails. Therefore, You warrant that You and those who are under Your care are fit to travel. You acknowledge that all health, medical (including medical evacuation transportation) or other personal services in connection with Your Cruise are provided solely for the convenience and benefit of Passengers who may be charged for such services. You accept and use medicine, medical treatment and other personal services available on the ship or elsewhere at Your sole risk and expense without liability or responsibility of Carrier whatsoever, and agree to indemnify the Carrier for all medical or evacuation costs or expenses incurred on Your behalf. Because Carrier is not a medical provider, doctors, nurses or other medical or service personnel work directly for Passenger and shall not be considered to be acting under the control or supervision of Carrier. Similarly, and without limitation, all spa personnel, photographers, instructors, guest lecturers and entertainers and other personal service personnel shall be considered independent contractors who work directly for the Passenger.
由于海上旅行的性质以及所访问的港口,所提供的医?#31080;?#20581;可能受限、延迟甚至无法提供,并且可能 无法在船只航行所至的各个地点均提供紧急医疗后送。因此,您保证,您?#32422;澳?#25152;看护的其他人的健 康状况均适合旅行。您承认,与您的邮轮旅行有关的所有健康、医疗(包括医疗后送运输)或其它个 人服务均仅为乘客的便利和收益提供,并可收取相关费用。您?#37038;?#24182;使用船上或其它地点的药品、医 疗和其他个人服务,风险和费用均由您个人承担,承运人不承担任何相关责任,?#22839;?#21516;意对承运人为 您所发生的所有医疗或撤离成本和费?#23186;?#34892;补偿。由于承运人不是医疗供应商,因此直接为乘客服务 的医生、护士或其它医疗人员或服务人员均不视为在承运人?#30446;?#21046;或监督下工作。同样的,但不限于, 所有温泉?#34892;?#24037;作人员、摄影师、讲师,客座讲师和艺人以及其它个人服务人员均视为直接为乘客服 务的独立承包商。
No pets or other animals are allowed on the ship at any time except for certain necessary service animals of a disabled Passenger, which require written notification to the Carrier at the time of booking Your Cruise and Carrier's written approval. You agree to accept responsibility, reimburse and/or indemnify Carrier for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever related to the presence of any service animal brought on the Cruise. You further agree to determine and meet any documentary or other requirements related to the animal.
乘客不得携带任何宠物或动物上船,但残疾旅客?#25215;?#24517;要的服务类动物除外,且在预订邮轮旅行时, 乘客必须向承运人发出关于该服务类动物的书面通知,并获得承运人书面许可。您同意承担与携带上 船只的任何服务类动物有关的任何责任,并就其相关损失、损害或费用向承运人进行赔偿。您进一步 同意,确认并满足与动物有关的任何文件的要求或其他要求。
You shall not cancel Your Cruise directly with Carrier. Instead, you must communicate your cancellation to Charterer. You are not entitled to any refund of Your Cruise Fare or any other payment, compensation or credit from Carrier for cancellation. Refunds or any other payment, compensation or credit for cancellations, if any, will be made to You by Charterer.
您不应直接向承运人取消订单,而是必须向租船人取消订单。您无权从承运人处获得取消订单而产生 的邮轮票价的退款、补偿或抵用积分。任何退款、其它支付、补偿或取消订单抵用积分将由租船人向 您支付。
Charterer acts for You in making the arrangements for Your Cruise and any related travel, lodging and shore excursions and tours. Carrier is not responsible for any representation or conduct of Charterer, including but not limited to, any failure to remit Your Cruise Fare or other monies to Carrier, for which You shall at all times remain liable to Carrier, or any failure to remit a refund or other payment from Carrier to You. You acknowledge that Charterer acts solely as Your agent, and not as agent for Carrier, and is deemed as Your agent. Further, receipt by Charterer of this Passage Contract or any other communications, notices or information from Carrier shall constitute receipt of such materials by You. You agree Carrier is not responsible for the financial condition or integrity of any Charterer. In the event that Charterer fails to remit to us any monies paid by You to Charterer, You remain liable for the monies due Carrier, regardless of whether Carrier demands payment.
租船人为您?#25165;?#24744;的邮轮旅行和其他相关旅行、住宿、短途和游览。承运人不对租船人的任何承诺和 行为负责,包括但不限于租船人未能将您的邮轮票价或其他款项汇给承运人的情况(您在任?#38382;?#20505;都 有义务向承运人支付这些费用)或租船人未能将来自承运人的退款或其他款项汇给您的情况。您承认 租船人仅为您的代理且?#38405;?#30340;代理的身份行事,而不是承运人的代理。此外,租船人从承认人处收到 本航行合约或任何其他联络、通知或信息,即构成您收到那些材料。您同意承运人不对任何租船人的 财务状况和诚信负责。如果租船人未能将您支付给租船人?#30446;?#39033;汇给承运人,无论承运人是否向您提 出付款要求,您仍有义务向承运人支付该款项。
Carrier reserves the right to refuse booking of passage on a Cruise to any person or to cancel Your existing Cruise reservation for any reason without liability for refund or compensation of any kind and regardless of a passenger’s Captain Circle loyalty level or existing benefits. Any person(s) refused booking or passage in advance of the scheduled sailing by Carrier will be given a refund of their Cruise Fare and will have no further liability. Captain Circle points have no cash value and therefore will not be refunded. No refund will be given to a Passenger who is refused passage or whose reservation has been cancelled if the Passenger books a Cruise after Carrier has advised the Passenger that he/she is no longer allowed to sail on any of its vessels.
承运人有权出于任何原因拒绝任何人的邮轮航行预订或取消您现有的邮轮预订,且无需承担任何类型 的退款或赔偿,且不论该乘客的 Captain Circle 会员级别或现有利益。在预定航行开始前被承运人拒绝 预订或航行的任何人将获得其票价的退款,且承运人再无其他责任。由于 Captain Circle 会员积分无现 金价值,因此将不获得退款。如果乘客是在承运人已经告知其不得再乘坐该承运人的任何船只后预订 邮轮的,则该乘客被拒绝航行或预订被取消后,承运人将不向该乘客进行退款。
Carrier may without liability for refund, payment, compensation or credit, except as provided herein, disembark or refuse to embark You, confine You in a stateroom, quarantine You, restrain You, change Your accommodations or disembark You at any time if, in the sole opinion of Carrier, the Captain or any Doctor, You or any minor or other person in Your care during the Cruise are unfit for any reason for the Cruise, or Your presence might be detrimental to Your health, comfort or safety or that of any other person, or in the judgment of the Captain is advisable for any reason.
如果承运人、船长或任?#25105;?#29983;认为,您或您看护的任何未成年人或其他人由于任何原因不适合邮轮航 行,或您参加邮轮航行将不利于您或任何其他人的健康、舒适或安全,或船长出于任何原因提出上述 建议,则除本合约另有规定的外,承运人可随时要求您上岸或拒绝您登船、要求您待在客舱内、?#38405;?进行隔离、限制您的活动、变更您的住宿或要求您上岸,无须承担任何退款、付款、赔偿或抵用积分 的责任。
Carrier reserves the right to request a letter from Your physician attesting to Your fitness to travel, but by requesting such letter does not waive its right to disembark or refuse to embark You as set forth in this Section. If You are required to remain on board the ship or elsewhere, due to injury, illness, or disability, or due to action of any government or authority, or for any other reason not the fault of Carrier, You must pay or reimburse Carrier for all resulting costs and expenses including for food, transportation, accommodation, medical and/or repatriation services for You or those accompanying You. If You become unfit to travel for any reason during the Cruise and/or You disembark early, Carrier shall not be liable for any refund, payment, compensation, or credit of any kind.
承运人有权要求您的医生出具?#29615;?#35777;明,证?#30340;?#30340;健康状况适合旅行,但索取该证明并不意味着承运 人?#29260;?#26681;据本章节规定要求您上岸或拒绝您登船的权利。如果由于受?#24661;?#30142;病、残疾或任何政府或机 构行为或不属于承运人过错的任何其它原因,而要求您待在船上或其它地点,则您必须向承运人支付 或补偿由此产生的所有成本和费用,包括您或您同行人员的餐食、运输、住宿、医疗和/或遣返服务费 用。如果在邮轮航行期间您的健康状况不适合继续旅行,和/或您提前上岸,则承运人不负责支付任何 类型的任何退款、付款、赔偿或抵用积分。
The Carrier cannot guarantee the Vessel will call at every advertised port or follow every advertised route or schedule. Although Carrier will do its best to maintain the itinerary, Carrier may at any time, cancel the cruise; deviate from the scheduled ports of call, route and/or timetable; call or omit to call at any port or place or cancel or modify any activity on or off the ship; comply with all governmental laws and orders given by governmental authorities; render assistance to preserve life and property. Accordingly, You should not make any important arrangements or meetings based on the scheduled Cruise, which may change without liability to Carrier. Carrier’s responsibility, if any, for refunds, payments, compensation or credits under such circumstances shall be as agreed between Carrier and Charterer and Carrier will pay such amounts to Charterer only.
承运人无法保证,该船只将在广告中的各个港口停靠或遵循广告中的所?#26032;?#32447;或时间表。尽管承运人 将尽其最大努力保持航程不变,但承运人可随时取消航程、偏离预定的沿途停靠港口、路线和/或时间 表、在任何港口或地点停靠或取消停靠、取消或修改船上或船下的任何活动;遵守所有政府法律和政 府部门命令、提供保护生命和财产的协助。据此,您不应该依据预定航程做出任何重要?#25165;?#25110;会面。 预定航程可能会发生变更,且承运人无须承担责任。承运人在上述情况下的退款、支付其他款项、补偿和支付抵用积分的义务(如果存在)应由承运人和租船人双方协定,并且承运人仅向租船人进行支付。
Carrier visits a large number of ports in numerous countries around the world. At any given moment there are likely to be “trouble spots” in the world in terms of war, terrorism, crime, Act of God, civil commotions, labor trouble, and/or other potential sources of harm. Local conditions and infrastructure may also create hazards to Passengers while off the ship. Accordingly, it may be necessary to change, cancel or terminate the scheduled cruise or any activities related to the cruise, including without limitation shore excursions and port visits. Although Carrier endeavors to provide reasonable protection for Your comfort and safety onboard its ships, Carrier cannot guarantee freedom from all risks associated with war, terrorism, crime or other potential sources of harm. Carrier reminds all Passengers that they must ultimately assume responsibility for their actions while ashore. Government agencies regularly issue advisories and warnings to travelers giving details of local conditions in specified cities and countries according to such agency’s perception of risks to travelers. Carrier strongly recommends that Passengers obtain and consider such information when making travel decisions.
承运人将访问全球多个国家的许多港口。在?#25215;?#26102;候,可能会遇到发生战争、恐怖行为、犯罪、天灾、 骚乱、劳工问题、和/或其他潜在危害的“动荡地区”。乘客下船后?#37096;?#33021;会遇到当地条件和基础设施所 造成的危害。因此,可能需要变更、取消或终止预定航程或任何活动,包括但不限于靠?#38431;?#35272;和港口 参观。尽管承运人将尽力提供合理的保护,?#21592;U夏?#22312;船上的舒适和安全,但承运人不保证,旅行途 中不存在与战争、恐怖主义、犯罪或其他潜在危害有关的风险。承运人提醒所有乘客,乘客必须最终 对在上岸期间所?#34892;?#20026;负责。政府机构将向游客定期发布警告,以依据其对游客风险的了解,提供具 体城市和国家当地的详细信息。承运人强烈建议乘客在作出旅行决定时,获得并考虑该等信息。
You may take a reasonable amount of luggage on board containing only Your personal effects, which shall include suitcases, trunks, valises, satchels, bags, hangers containing clothing, toiletries and other personal effects necessary for the Cruise. If You travel by air or other transportation the terms and conditions of the airline or other transportation provider apply to Your carriage on those conveyances. You may not take on board firearms, controlled or prohibited substances, inflammable or hazardous items, any other items prohibited by applicable law, or any other item Carrier deems in its sole discretion to be detrimental to the safety or comfort of any person.
您可携带合理数量的行李上船,行李中仅可包含您的随身物品,包括手提箱、衣箱、旅行袋、书包、 袋子、?#24405;埽?#25346;有服装)、化妆品和邮轮旅行中所需的其它个人物品。如果您通过航空或其它方式旅 行,则适用航空公司或其它交通工具供应商的相关规定。您不得携带武器弹药、管制物品或禁止携带 的物品、易燃或危险物品、适用法律所禁止的任何其它物品或承运人认为将不利于任何人的安全或舒 适的任何其它物品。
You agree that Carrier’s liability for loss or damage to baggage or personal property is limited to U.S. $250 per bag. In no event shall Carrier be liable for normal wear or tear of Your property or baggage. Carrier does not undertake to carry as baggage any tools of trade, household goods, fragile or valuable items, precious metals, jewelry, documents, negotiable instruments or other valuables. You warrant that no such items will be presented to Carrier within any baggage, and release Carrier from all liability whatsoever for loss of or damage to such items when presented to the Carrier in breach of this warranty. Such items must be shipped to Your destination by other means. Passengers are strongly urged to keep valuables, irreplaceable items and medicines in their possession at all times and not to pack such items in baggage or suitcases handled by others.
您同意,承运人对行李或个人财产的灭失或损害的赔偿责任限于每个行李包 250 美元。在任何情况下, 承运人均不?#38405;?#36130;产或行李的正常磨损负责。承运人不承?#21040;?#19979;列物品作为行李运?#20572;?#20219;何专业工具、 家用物品、易碎或贵重物品、贵重金属、珠宝、文件、可转让?#26412;?#25110;其他贵重物品。您保证,向承运 人交付的行李中不包含任何上述物品,并且承运人免于承担违反本保证而交付给承运人的上述物品的 灭失或损害的任何相关责任。该等物品必须通过其它方式运送至您的目的地。强烈建议乘客始终将贵 重物品、不?#21830;?#20195;的物品和药品保管在身边,而不将该等物品放置在由他人搬运的行李或手提箱中。
Carrier shall not be liable for any loss or theft of or damage to or disposition of cash, securities, negotiable instruments, jewelry, gold, silver or similar valuables or precious stones, works of art, electronics, computers (whether handheld, laptop or other), DVD players or digital or flash drive computer equipment, disks, memory cards or other electronic storage, handheld or similar devices, cellular telephones, cameras, video or audio tapes, CDs, binoculars, recreational equipment, dental hardware, eyewear (including eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses), cosmetics, hearing aids, medications, medical equipment, wheelchairs, scooters, liquor or other alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tobacco products or business or other documents, whether carried within Your luggage or otherwise, that is found to be caused beyond Carrier’s exclusive control. You may use the safe in Your stateroom. However, You agree use of the stateroom safe will not increase Carrier’s liability as provided in this Passage Contract.
承运人不负责下列物品的任何超出承运人独自控?#21697;?#22260;的灭失、失窃、损害或处置?#21512;?#37329;、有价证券、 可转让?#26412;蕁?#29664;宝、?#24179;稹?#38134;或类似贵重物品或宝石、艺术作品、电子产品、电脑(掌?#31995;?#33041;、笔记 本电脑或其他电脑)、DVD 播?#29260;鰲?#25110;数字或闪存驱动的计算机设备、?#25165;獺?#20869;存卡或其他电子存储 器、手?#20540;?#23376;装置或类似的装置、移动电话、数码相机、视频或音?#33633;?#24102;、CD、望远镜、娱乐设备、 ?#25597;?#35774;备、护目?#25285;?#21253;括眼镜、太阳眼镜和隐形眼?#25285;?#21270;妆品、助听器、药物、医疗设备、轮椅车、 滑板车、烈酒类或其他酒精饮料、香烟、烟草产品或业务或其他文件,无论是在您的行李中放?#27809;故? 以其它方式携带。您可使用您客舱中的保险柜。但您同意,对客舱保险柜的使用不会增加承运人在本 航行合约中的责任。
You agree that baggage or property, including all lost and found items retained by Carrier or delivered by You to Carrier, which remains unclaimed in writing for more than 90 days after Your disembarkation shall be deemed abandoned and the sole property of Carrier and You relinquish any claim thereto. You further agree to pay all fees and expenses incurred by Carrier to deliver any such items that are claimed by You, and Carrier assumes no responsibility whatsoever for otherwise delivering any such items or delivering items that are prohibited by law.
您同意,您的行李或财产,包括所有丢失?#32456;?#21040;后由承运人保留的或您交给承运人的所有招领失物, 若在您下船的九十天后仍未以书面方式认领,则视为?#29260;?#24182;成为承运人专有财产,而您?#29260;?#32034;取该 等物品的任?#25105;?#27714;。您进一步同意支付承运人因将您认领的任何该等物?#26041;换?#32473;您而发生的所有费用, 且承运人不?#27827;?#23558;该等物品或法律禁止的物品递送给您的任?#25105;?#21153;。
(A) General: Nothing contained in this Passage Contract shall limit or deprive Carrier of the benefit of any applicable statute or laws, or any international convention providing for release from, or limitation of, liability.
(B) Acts Beyond Carrier’s Control, Force Majeure: Carrier is not liable for death, injury, illness, damage, delay or other loss to person or property of any kind caused by an Act of God; war; civil commotions; labor trouble; terrorism, crime or other potential sources of harm; governmental interference; perils of the sea; fire; seizure or arrest of the vessel; the need to render medical or other assistance, or any other cause beyond Carrier's exclusive control, or any other act or omission not shown to be caused by Carrier’s negligence.
超出承运人控制的行为、不可抗力:承运人不承担由于下列情况导致的任何类型的个人?#36865;觥?#30142;病或财产损害、延迟或其它损失:天灾、战争、骚乱、劳?#31034;婪住?#24656;怖主义、犯罪或其他潜在的危害、 政府干预、海上危险、火灾、船只没收或逮捕、提供医疗或其它援助的需要、或超出承运人单独控制 的任何其它原因、或未证实由于承运人疏忽导致的任何其它作为或不作为。
(C) Claims for Emotional Distress: Carrier shall not be liable to the Passenger for damages for emotional distress, mental suffering or psychological injury of any kind, under any circumstances, except for such damages proven in a court of competent jurisdiction arising from and attributable to Passenger’s physical injury or as the result of Passenger having been at actual risk of immediate physical injury proximately caused by Carrier’s negligence (“Emotional Harm”).
精神损害。在任何情况下,承运人不对乘客任何类型的精神损害、精神痛苦或心理伤害负责,除 非经有管辖权的法院证实,上述伤害是由承运人的疏忽直接导致的乘客的身体伤害引起,或是由承运 人的疏忽直接导致的乘客面临的对身体伤害的实际危险所引起(“精神损害?#20445;?#21017;承运人应承担相关 责任。
(D) Assumption of Risk: You agree that by using the ship's pools, sauna athletic or recreational equipment and facilities or taking part in organized group or individual activities, whether on or off the ship or as part of a shore excursion, You assume the risk of injury, death, illness or other loss.
风险承担。您同意,使用船上的游?#22659;亍?#26705;拿运动或娱乐设备和设施,或在船上或下船期间或靠 ?#38431;?#35272;期间,参与有组织的集团或个人活动,您自行承担?#36865;觥?#30142;病或其它损失风险。
(E) Excursions, Shore side Services and Other Transportation: All travel facilities, tours, activities, products or services, other than aboard Carrier’s vessels and tenders, provided in connection with, before, after or during Your Cruise, including but not limited to pre- and post- cruise activities, shore excursions, hotel accommodations, meals, or transportation of any kind including, but not limited to, air travel to and from the ship, are provided, owned and/or operated by third party independent contractors whose employees, facilities, conveyances, products and services are not subject to Carrier’s supervision or control. In providing or selling reservations or tickets for any such activities, services or transportation or by accompanying You during such activities, Carrier does so as a convenience to Passengers and shall be entitled to impose a charge and earn a profit from the sale of such excursions, services or transportation, but does not undertake to supervise or control such third party independent contractors or their employees, conveyances or facilities. Carrier accepts no liability for any loss, delay, damage, injury, death, misrepresentation arising from any excursion, service or transportation or any loss, delay or disappointment for any cancellations of any excursion, service or transportation including but not limited to air flight cancellation(s), errors in seat reservation, upgrade, overbooking or ticketing. Carrier makes no warranty, either express or implied, regarding the suitability, safety, insurance or other aspects of any such contractors, transportation, tours, services, products or facilities. Any liability for such services will be governed by this Passage Contract and the contracts and/or tariffs between You and such service companies. You agree that, Carrier’s liability, if any, for non-performance of any independent contractor providing such facilities or services shall not exceed the amounts received for such facility or services by Carrier on Your behalf.
短途旅行、岸上服务和其它交通工具:在承运人船只以外的区域因您的邮轮旅行、在您的邮轮旅 行之前、之后或期间提供的所有旅游设施、旅行、活动、产品或服务,包括但不限于任何类型的启航 前活动和启航后活动、靠?#38431;?#35272;、酒店住宿、餐饮或运输(包括但不限于往返船只的航空旅行)均由 第三方独立承包商提供、拥有和/或运营,该第三方独立承包商的雇员、设施、运输工具、产品和服务 均不受承运人监?#20132;?#25511;制。承运人提供或销售任何该等活动、服务或运输的预订或票务或陪同您参与 该等活动是为了方便乘客,并应有权收取费用,从该游览、服务或运输的销售中获利,但承运人不保 证对该第三方独立承包商或其雇员、运输工具或设施进行监?#20132;?#25511;制。对由于任何该等该游览、服务 或运输产生的任何损失、延迟、损害、伤害、?#21171;?#25110;虚假陈述,或取消任何该等该短途旅行、服务或 运输取消而导致的任何损失、延迟或预约不成功(包括但不限于航班取消、座位预订错误、升级、超 售或出票),承运人不承担任何责任。承运人不就任何该等承包商、运输、旅行、服务、产品或设施 的?#20013;?#24615;、安全性、保险或其它方面内容,作出任何明示或暗示的保证。该等服务的任何责任将受本 航行合约和您与该服务公司订立的合同和 或价目表管?#20581;?#24744;同意,承运人因任何独立承包商未履行合 同提供该等设施或服务的责任(如果存在)不超出承运人为了您获得该等设施或服务而收取的金额。
(F) Contributory Negligence; Indemnification: You acknowledge that Carrier’s liability will be reduced in proportion to any negligence or fault attributable to You. You agree to reimburse and indemnify Carrier for any damages, liabilities, losses, penalties, fines, charges or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred by You or imposed upon Carrier as a result of any act, omission or violation of law, standard of care or this Passage Contract by You or any minor or other Passenger in Your care.
共同过失;免责赔偿:您承认,承运人的赔偿责任将按照可归咎于您的疏忽或过失的比例进行减 扣。如果由于您或您看护的任何未成年人或其它乘客的任何作为、不作为、违反法律、违反谨慎标准 或违反本航行合约而造成您承担的或向承运人收取的、任何性质的任何损害、责任、损失、罚金、处 罚、收费或费用,您同意向承运人进行免责赔偿。
(A) Notice of Claims and Time Limits for Legal Action:
(i) Claims for Injury, Illness or Death: In cases involving claims for Emotional Harm, bodily injury, illness to or death of any Passenger, no lawsuit shall be brought against Carrier unless (1) written notice giving full particulars of the claim is delivered to Carrier within 6 months from the date when the Emotional Harm, bodily injury, illness or death occurred (2) legal action on such a claim is filed within 2 years from when the date of the Emotional Harm, injury, illness or death occurred and (3) valid notice or service of any such action is effected upon Carrier within 90 days after commencement of the action;
伤害、疾病或?#21171;?#30340;索赔?#27827;?#20851;涉及任何乘客的精神损害、身体伤害、疾病或?#21171;?#30340;索赔,只有 在下列情况下方可针对承运人提请法律诉讼,即:
(1) 在发生该精神损害、身体伤害、疾病或?#21171;?#20043;日 起的六个月内,向承运人发出书面通知,?#24471;?#32034;赔详情;
(2) 在发生该精神损害、身体伤害、疾病或死 亡之日起的两年内,提出法律诉讼进行索赔;并且
(3) 在开始诉讼后的九十天内,向承运人发送关于该 诉讼的?#34892;?#36890;知。
(ii) All Other Claims: No claim of any kind, including without limitation alleged violations of civil rights, discrimination, consumer or privacy laws, or other statutory, constitutional or legal rights, or for any losses, damages or expenses relating to or in any way arising out of or connected with this Passage Contract or Passenger’s cruise, other than for Emotional Harm or bodily injury, illness or death of any Passenger, shall be brought against Carrier unless (1) written notice giving full particulars of the claim is delivered to the Carrier within 15 days of the actual or scheduled termination date of the Cruise (whichever occurs first) as specified in connection with this Passage Contract, (2) legal action on such claim is filed within 6 months from such scheduled termination date, and (3) valid notice or service of any such action is effected upon Carrier within 90 days after commencement of the action.
所有其它索赔:除针对任何乘客的精神损害、身体伤害、疾病或?#21171;?#30340;索赔外,只有在下列情况 下方可向承运人提出与本航行合约或乘客邮轮航行有关的或由此产生的、任何类型的索赔,包括但不 限于涉嫌侵犯公民权利、反歧视法、消费者法或隐私法或其它法定、宪法或法律权利的索赔,或任何 损失、损害或费用的索赔,即:
(1) 可在本航行合约规定的实际或预定航程终止日期(以先发生的为准)
(2) 后十五天内,向承运人提交?#29615;?#20070;面通知,?#24471;?#20840;部索赔详情;请关于该索赔的法律诉讼;并且在预定终止日期起的六个月内,提 在开始诉讼后的九十天内,向承运人发出关于该诉讼的?#34892;?#36890;知。
(B) Forum and Jurisdiction for Legal Action: Any dispute against Carnival plc arising out of or in connection with this Passage Contract or, transportation and/or services provided or to be provided by Carnival plc shall be litigated against Carnival plc only before China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration in Shanghai.
(3) 法律诉讼的法定地和管辖权:对由于本航行合约或已经由或拟由 Carnival plc 提供的运输和/或服务 产生的或与之相关的、针对 Carnival plc 的任何争议,可将争议提交至中国国?#31034;?#27982;贸易仲裁委员会在 上海进行仲裁。
(C) Governing Law: All claims arising out of or related to the Passage Contract or Your Cruise shall be governed by English law. If a court or tribunal applies any law other than English law, Carrier shall (in respect of all exclusions and limitations of liability) be entitled to the maximum protection allowed by that law including statutory protection of limitation as to the amount of damages recoverable.
准据法。由于本航行合约或您的邮轮旅行产生的、或与之相关的所有索赔均适用英国法律。如果 法院或法庭适用除英国法律以外的其它法律,则承运人(在所有例外条款和责任限制方面)有权获得 法律允许的最大保护,包括对于损害赔偿金额上限的法定保护。
(D) Notice to Carrier: Any notices or other communication required to be given under the terms and conditions of this Passage Contract shall be deemed served to the other party if personally delivered, sent by Courier or post with signature upon delivery requested to Carrier at c/o Global Shipping Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.15F, Verdant Place, No. 128 West Nanjing Road, Huang Pu District, Shanghai, China.
向承运人发出的通知:依据本航行合约的条款和条件需要发出的任何通知或其它通讯在下列情况 下视为送达,即?#21644;?#36807;专人递送至对方后;通过快递或邮寄?#38382;?#21457;送至对方,由对方签收后。承运人 收件地址为:中国上海黄浦区南京西路 128 号永新广场 15 楼,寰球船务(上海)有限公司转交。
In the interest of safety and convenience of other Passengers, You agree Carrier has, at all times with or without notice, the right to enter and search Your stateroom, personal safe or storage spaces, or to search You, Your baggage and/or personal effects at any location. You also agree to the confiscation and/or sequestration of any property which may, in the opinion of the Carrier, the Captain and/or any Officer onboard the Vessel, be likely in any way to inconvenience, endanger or impair the health, safety or reasonable comfort of any person onboard or not, or to endanger or the impair the safety of the Vessel or any other property.
为了其它乘客的安全和方便,您同意,承运人可随时未经事先通知,进入并搜索您的客舱、个人保险 箱或存储空间或您个人、您的行李和/或随身物品。您亦同意,对于承运人、船长和/或船上的任何管 理人员认为可能以任何方式给船上或岸上的任何人带来不便、或带?#27425;?#38505;或健康、安全或舒适方面的 危?#30149;?#25110;危及或损害船只或任何其它财产安全的任何物品,承运人可予?#24742;?#25910;和/或扣押。
You grant Carrier and its licensees the right to use Your photograph/voice/indicia taken during Your Cruise, in any fashion for any purpose in all media now known or hereafter devised without any limitations whatsoever. Professional photographers photograph Passengers, process, display and sell such photos to You and other Passengers. Carrier may utilize closed circuit television or other surveillance means on board the Vessel.
在您邮轮旅行期间,您授予承运人及其被许可方有权以任何方式和为了任何目的、在当前知晓的或随 后设计的所有媒介中,不受任何限制地使用您的照片/声音/标记。专业摄影师可?#32435;?#20056;客,处理、展 示照片并销售给您或其它乘客。承运人可运用船上的闭路电视或其他监控手段。
During the booking process and Your cruise holiday, You may provide personal data to Carrier that may include Your name, address, date of birth, email address, Your telephone number, special occasion dates, vacation preferences and passport and credit card information (cardholder name, card number and expiration date) as well as emergency contact information (the name, address and telephone number of someone not traveling with You who Carrier can contact in case of an emergency). ("Personal Information") In addition You may provide Carrier with certain additional information relating to Your dietary or religious preferences, health requirements, health insurance information, medical conditions, gender or sexual preference. (“Sensitive Information”). You acknowledge and agree to provide accurate and current information and to update that information as appropriate.
在预订过程中?#32422;澳?#30340;邮轮旅行假期中,您有可能向承运人提供个人数据,包括您的姓名、地址、出 生日期、电子邮件地址、电话号码、特别的日子、?#29123;?#20559;好、护照和信用卡信息(持卡人姓名、卡号 和到期日期)以及紧急联系信息(承运人在紧急情况下可联系的、未与您一同旅行的有关人士的姓名、 地址和电话号码)(下称“个人资料?#20445;?#27492;外,您可向承运人提供与您的饮食或宗教偏好、健康要求、 健?#24403;O招?#24687;、医疗条件、?#21592;?#25110;性取向有关的?#25215;?#39069;外信息(下称“ 敏?#34892;?#24687;?#20445;?#24744;承认并同意, 提供准确和最新的信息,并在适当情况下,更新该等信息。
You further acknowledge and agree Carrier may (a) keep Your Personal Information and Sensitive Information (collectively, “PSD”); (b) use Your PSD in its business worldwide including but not limited to respond to Your inquiries, process orders, contact You regarding customer service, advise You of products or services which may be of interest to You or to personalize Carrier’s service to meet Your needs or preferences (c) share it with Carrier’s affiliated/related companies so that such affiliates/related companies may use such PSD to send You marketing materials which may be of interest to You, and (d) subject it to processing worldwide provided Carrier’s safeguards are used. You agree any PSD You provide to Carrier in China may be used, processed and transferred within and outside China and specifically to the U.S.
您进一步承认并同意,承运人可 (a) 保留您的个人资料和敏?#34892;?#24687;(统称为“个人资信?#20445;?b)在其全球 业务中使用您的个人资信,包括但不限于回复您的询问、处理订单、就客户服务与您联系、向您提供 您可能?#34892;?#36259;的产品或服务建议或提供个性化的承运人服务,以满足您的需求和偏好;(c) 与承运人关 联公司/相关公司分享该信息,以使承运人关联公司/相关公司能够运用该个人资信,向您发送您可能 ?#34892;?#36259;的营销资料;并且 (d) 在承运人为个人资信提供安全保护措施的情况下,在全球范围内进行个人 资信的处理。您同意,您在中国向承运人提供的个人资信可在中国国内和国外(尤其是美国)进行使 用、处理和转移。
You also acknowledge and agree Carrier may use and disclose Your PSD to unaffiliated third parties: (a) after You request or authorize it; (b) to help complete a transaction for You; (c) to comply with law, applicable regulations, governmental and quasi-governmental requests, court orders or subpoenas; (d) to enforce this Passage Contract or other agreements, or to protect the rights, property or safety of Carrier or others including but not limited to reporting, assessing, investigating and otherwise managing accidents/incidents, including disclosures to lawyers and insurers; (e) for medical treatment (including medical disembarkation) purposes, including disclosures to health service providers, medical evacuation assistance companies, hotels, airlines, travel agents and, where You are unable to consent, next of kin (f) as part of a purchase, transfer or sale of services or assets (g) when provided to Carrier’s agents, outside vendors or service providers to perform functions on Carrier’s behalf; or (h) as described in Carrier’s policies, as amended from time to time.
您同时承诺并同意,在下列情况下,承运人可使用并向无关联的第三方披露您的个人资信,(a) 经您要 求或获得您的授权后;(b) 为?#31246;?#21161;您完成一项交易;(c) 为遵守法律、适用法规、政府和准政府要求、 法院命令或传票之目的;(d) 为执行本航行合约或其它协议,或为保护承运人或其它方的权利、财产或 安全之目的,包括但不限于进行报告、评估、调查和以其它方式管理事故 / ?#24405;?#21253;括向律师和保险公 司进行披露); 出于医疗目的(包括离船医?#21361;?#21253;括向健康服务供应商、医疗后送协助公司、酒 店、航空公司、旅行社和最近的血亲(在无法征得您同意的情况下)提供相关信息; 作为服务或资 产销售、转让或出售的一部分提供; 向承运人代理商、外部供应商或服务供应商提供,以代表承运 人履行职责;或 按照承运人的政策(该政策可不时修订)提供。
Carrier takes steps to protect Your PSD including the use of internet security technology to encrypt information and implementing business practices and procedures including staff training on the importance of protecting PSD. You also play a role in protecting your PSD and You can help to maintain the security of your transactions by not sharing your booking number or password with anyone except those who are authorized to making booking arrangements on Your behalf. If Carrier receives instructions using your booking number or log-in information and password it is assumed that the instructions have been authorized by You.
承运人将采取措施保护您的个人资信,包括使用网络安全?#38469;?#20197;加密信息,以及实施商业惯例和程序 (包括进行有关保护个人资信重要性的员工培?#25285;?#21516;时您亦有责任保护您的个人资信,并且除了授 权为您进行订票?#25165;?#30340;人员以外,不要向任何其他人披露您的预订号码或密码,以有助于保持您交易 的安全。如果承运人收到使用您的预订号码或登录信息和密码发出的指示,则承运人可假定该指示是 由您授权做出的。
You consent to Carrier sending You commercial electronic messages, including by email and messaging services such as SMS, and to Carrier contacting You by telephone and fax, to provide information about Carrier’s products and services. You may request to be removed from Carrier’s contact list at any time.
您同意承运人向您发送商业电子讯息,包括通过电子邮件和短信服务发送讯息,且承运人可通过电话 和传真方式,向您提供关于承运人产品和服务的信息。您可随时要求从承运人的联系名单中删除。
Carrier may, but is not required to, make wireless Internet or telephone access (“Wireless Services”) available as a convenience; Carrier accepts no responsibility for interruptions in its service. You agree to use Wireless Services at Your own risk; Carrier shall not be liable in any manner for resulting claims (including without limitation lack of privacy), losses or damages. Using Wireless Services is public; information sent or received is not guaranteed to be private. Your PSD may be available to third parties.
By using Wireless Services You agree Carrier may monitor, record, intercept and disclose any transmissions and may provide to others all information relating to all Wireless Services (e.g., billing, account, or use records), in its sole discretion or as required by law. You agree to comply with the Carrier’s Terms and Conditions of Wireless Services.
承运人可(但无义务)提供无线网络或电话信号(下称“ 无线服务?#20445;?#20026;乘客提供便利。承运人不对 无线服务的任何中断负责。您同意在自担风险的情况下使用无线服务;承运人不以任何方式对由此导 致的索赔(包括但不限于缺乏隐私)、损失或损害负责。对无线服务的使用是公共行为,承运人不保 证由此发送或?#37038;?#30340;信息的隐私性。您的个人资信有可能会被第三方获得。通过使用无线服务,您同 意承运人可监?#20581;?#35760;录、拦截和披露任何传送信息,并可自行决定或应法律要求,向其它方提供与所 有无线服务有关的信息(如:账单、账号或使用记录)。您同意遵守承运人关于无线服务的条款和条 件。
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